Casa Maria is our brand Children’s Family House in Romania that provides care for children living with the most severe disabilities. It builds on the legacy of our flagship St Margaret’s Hospice and Children’s Centre. 

The new family-type service will ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for the 12 children with disabilities and complex needs. The children will benefit from a modern building, with adequate space, designed to provide a family environment: bedrooms, kitchen with space for serving meals, living room for play activities, relaxation, free time, therapy room, bathrooms, and a generous terrace.

Facilities and services will include:

  • accommodation for the period provided for in a protected environment
  • personal care and specialist nutritional diet 
  • permanent supervision and medical assistance
  • recovery/rehabilitation through specialist therapies
  • development of skills for independent living
  • emotional support
  • ensuring access to education
  • socialising, recreational, cultural activities
  • family and community reintegration

The professional team in Romania works closely with local authorities and other partners to set new standards for respite, palliative and terminal care, and multiple therapies, along with education, development, and training programmes.

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