Our Christmas Gifts form the Heart returns as a wonderful alternative to buying a traditional Christmas gift for friends, family or work colleagues. Help give an underprivileged child in Romania the only toy they receive this Christmas, winter clothes for one of the adults we support, or let a family enjoy a festive meal. … Continued

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Introducing Peter

On June 19th we welcomed Peter into our little family. Born on June 26th, 2022, prematurely, Peter was diagnosed with alcoholic fetopathy, known also as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) he was treated by non-invasive mechanical ventilation, intravenous antibiotics and hydration. He was also diagnosed with corpus callosum agenesis, a brain disorder in which the tissue … Continued

  We are delighted to share with you an important update regarding the journey ahead for Children in Distress, especially exciting as we move forward in to our 35th Anniversary year. Children in Distress is delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Errington to the role of CEO of the charity. Simon has served as … Continued

Living in a new family home has definitely changed the lives of our children, but its clear to see that having their own big garden to play in has been the cherry on the top. Not only do they have lots of free space to run and develop their gross motor skills by using equipment … Continued

Some of our older children recently enjoyed a celebratory tea party in honour of the Holy Emperors Constantine and Elena Day. As you can see, they loved it and behaved beautifully taking such good care of the China tea set, always taking turns when they helped pour the tea and making sure to leave enough … Continued

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