Sponsorship is a wonderful way to support a child living in our hospice.

Through it, you can help with their therapies, special food supplements, medication and, of course, the exceptional staff needed to provide such a high standard of care. Your support and generosity will also help us to provide the little extras that make each child know there is someone who cares.


How does sponsorship work?

As a child sponsor you will have a unique connection with a child. But to ensure that your donation is spent as effectively as possible, child sponsorship funds work in the centre where your sponsored child lives. So you help not only the child you are sponsoring but also others around them.

After you become a sponsor, we will introduce you to a child with a photograph and some information about their life and the problems they face.

  • You will receive regular updates on the progress of your child
  • You can write to your child at any time
  • Send them gifts on occasions such as birthdays and Christmas
  • Take part in organised trips to visit your child

Your support and generosity will help us to provide the little extras that make sure each child knows there is someone who cares.

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If you would like any further information or wish to see newsletters for any of the children, who need your help, please call: 0141 559 5690 or email: julian.dawydiak@childrenindistress.org.uk