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Ringing in the Changes

Isabel at work

Isabel at work

Staff Changes in 2009

Words of Welcome and Grateful Thanks

We are delighed to welcome Isabel Davis who joins us in the New Year, replacing Liz Cliff, our previous Administration and Sponsorship Manager, who has left to take up a new role in logistics serving the Scottish whisky industry.

Liz made a very significant contribution to the success of the charity, particularly the child sponsorship scheme over the last five years.

Regretting that Liz was leaving and wishing her well in her new role, Alisdair Barron, the charity's Chief Executive, welcomes her replacement, Isabel Davis, who comes to the team from the Maggie Centre in Glasgow, where she was a key part of the events organising team, crucial to the Centres funding programme.

Although she accepts she still has a great deal to learn about Children in Distress and its administration, Isabel brings a wealth of experience and insight  into computer based systems, funding initiatives and techniques built up over many years working for charities in Scotland.

For further information, contact Isabel on 0141 559 5692. She will welcome your call.


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