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Claudia is laid back about her operation

Claudia resting inthe sun

She first came to St Andrew’s almost ten years ago, having been born with Klippel Feil Syndrome, which manifested with a left club foot, a dysmorphic thorax and severe scoliosis leaving her with a complex short upper body deformation which puts her health at risk.

In the past, surgical intervention to help with spine problems was considered but rejected after extensive medical tests by a specialist surgical team based in Germany. Today her motor and physical development is assisted by a comprehensive physiotherapy programme designed to stimulate and improve her balance, tone the upper body and paravertebral muscles to increase her strength and to correct the way she walks.  Recently it was decided that she need further surgery to stretch the Achilles Tendons in both legs to assist her walking. The operation, was carried out successfully by the orthopaedics team of the Marie Cure Hospital in Bucharest, however it is the post-operative therapy that will ensure the long-term benefit of so much pain and discomfort.

Both of Claudia’s legs are now encased in plaster casts and she will be immobilised for the next four or five weeks after, which she will start the rehabilitation process. Until then, she has simply decided to take a vacation and is relaxing in the sun and playing with her favourite toys.

The whole CID team are keeping their fingers crossed and wishes her good health and a quick recovery.

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