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IZABELA will soon hear for the first time

Izabela needs your help

Little Izabela came to St Andrew’s Hospice having been born premature, suffering from perinatal hypoxia, severe upper respiratory track developmental problems, congenital hearing issues and with a renal condition. Her delivery team battled to keep her alive and she was initially placed in the oxygen rich environment of an incubator to assist her breathing until  at 17 days old she was given a tracheotomy.


Today, due to her combined complex diagnosis and her tracheotomy, Izabela needs constant monitoring and specialized care; mucus and phlegm are removed by suction and her need for oxygen is always present as is the potential danger of suffocation. Izabela’s mum and dad, like both her parental grandparents, are both deaf and mute. Dad works abroad and  her 17 year old mum has only been able to visit once since she can to St Andrew’s; however her parental grandparents love her dearly, visit regularly and her Gran is happy to stay with Izabela, when she has to stay  in hospital to take care of  her feeding and  nursing care.


Izabela is now nearly one year and one month old, has normal weight for her age, a good appetite and just loves attention, she beams and she gazes intently at people. She is constantly encouraged to play, to interact with adults and children, to sit on her behind and roll on the exercises mat. In March 2014, Izabela was diagnosed with hypoacusis, following an ears-nose-throat check up at Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest and her condition is now closely monitored. In the near future, Izabela will be back for another consultation and her specialist will fit two specialized hearing aids.


Izabela has thrived and gained weight since she came to the hospice and she responds well to gentle tactile stimuli, she can use her sight and she frequently smiles. At St Andrew’s she receives intensive medical and general nursing care  combined with tailored  occupational therapy, physiotherapy and socializing activity all aimed  to improve her health, maintaining  her respiratory function within normal limits by eliminating bronchial secretions, minimizing respiratory seizures and keeping her well fed and hydrated.


Izabela and her team of carers  would welcome the interest and support that child sponsorship will bring ,if you are interested please contact Julian Dawydiak by calling 0141 559 5696 or email

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