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Florintina’s First Month Has Been Difficult

An infant dressed in white including mitts and a hat lies on her back

Little Flori has found a new home at St Andrew’s Hospice, after having  been born with a complex cleft lip and palate on the 17th of August this year at the maternity hospital in Campulung,  Arges County.

Flori’s young parents were unable to cope with her feeding problems. She has settled into her new home, has started to feed and is now gaining weight and seems to be feeling a great deal better. She reacts well to the voices of her new carers and focuses on them.

Her young parents live in the countryside some distance from her new home, but have already visited and are committed to keeping in regular contact.

If you would like to help sponsor Flori’s care please contact Julian Dawydiak our Child Sponsorship Champion to learn more on 0141 559 5690 or email

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