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Thirty-five not out!

Glasgow's Baillie Green makes the presentation

The charity’s chief executive, Alisdair Barron, has a full life helping children and young people, for as well as leading the team at the charity, he recently helped broker the merger of the largest further education college in Scotland and serves on the City of Glasgow Children’s Panel. He has spent over thirty-six years as a member of Scotland’s unique juvenile justice and child welfare system, which aims to change the lives and life opportunities for abandoned, disadvantaged and discriminated infants, children and young people and their families.

Alisdair’s service as the longest serving member of the Panel System in Scotland was recently recognised at civic reception held in Glasgow’s City Chambers to recognise thousands of years of service by Alisdair and his peers some of the volunteers who make this system so successful.  Each and every volunteer   devote their time not for recognition but to change lives and offer help, hope and a better future to the children and families they see.

If you would like to know more of Scotland’s Children Panel System and the commitment involved please contact Alisdair at

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