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Baptising little Maria Iancu

For Romanians baptism is an important milestone event in a child's life and for a sick baby, abandoned like Maria, it fell to her nurse, Sister Casiana, to ensure she was baptised as soon as possible. Normally Maria’s family would have been there with her but sadly it seems that couldn’t be, so Casiana stepped in to stand as mother for this little one, when she received her blessing and was accepted into the fellowship and community of the Orthodox Church. The interesting thing was that Maria surrounded by so much love and affection, in quiet acceptance, calmly and peacefully looked on, even during her total immersion baptism by the Hospice’s priest.


Sadly, despite a number of invitations none of Maria’s relatives felt able to come and see her big day and for the hospice staff that cast a shadow on an otherwise perfect day. That in itself, reinforced Maria’s carers in their commitment to this beautiful if very ill baby girl, to be there for her as she faces life’s challenges and obstacles promising to offer her all the love and support she needs every minute of her life.  If you would like to help in Maria’s care by sponsoring her please contact Isabel Davis on 0141 559 5693 or


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> Baptising little Maria Iancu

Published: 18/10/2011 16:16:47

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