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For Claudia “Hope Spring Eternal”

Claudia awating new red shoes to help her walk

Claudia Boceanu was born on 29th October 2005 and promptly abandoned by her mother in Curtea de Arges Hospital. After few months, as a child with congenital malformations and chest dimorphism, she was transferred to Pitesti hospital. Claudia is from a Rroma family, her mother was 14 years old when Claudia was born and father’s name is missing on her birth certificate.  Sadly as result of her diagnosis and condition her family simply refused to assume responsibility for her care or even visit her.

Claudia came to the St. Andrew’s Children’s Center in spring 2006 from the hospital once all the necessary paper work had been completed. When she first came to St Andrew’s her condition and prognosis was very poor but now she’s and her future show sign for optimism.  CID Ro first arranged for Claudia to visit specialists in Bucharest for computer tomography, assessment and treatment, she was diagnosed with malformation of the vertebral-lumbar area of the spine with agenesis (absence) of the coccyx. As result she now wears a corset and trunk support. She stands up without help particularly in bed and moves independently sometimes with the aid of an adapted support (baby) walker.  When Claudia first  began to walk and say a few words her  carers were elated for them to see one of their children say a few words   was indescribable exciting for they are used to children who will never achieve that milestone development . Claudia who now wears glasses goes to kindergarten, where she has learnt poems and songs and gets particularly excited to be part of the various kindergarten celebrations. Claudia has recently moved kindergartens so she is closer to St Andrew’s and she has settled in very well. She is taken by car when the weather is bad however it is often nice for her to walk there with carers from the center.


Last autumn saw Claudia back at specialists in Bucharest for further consultations and consideration of spinal surgery. She had another MRI however the surgeons decided her condition is inoperable and that she would be unlikely to withstand the anesthesia. So Claudia has had to settle for some new orthopedic shoes to help her walking which should be delivered in March.


Like any little girl Claudia is very particular about her clothes and she likes to wear dresses or skirts, she is a great favorite and each weekend she is taken home by one of her nurses to spend the weekend with the family.


The “Child Protection” Agency (D.G.A.S.P.C.) had initially approved Claudia’s Disabilities Certificate and given permission for her to live and grow up at St Andrew’s. St Andrew’s social worker first contacted    Claudia’s maternal grandparents when she came to stay but even they didn’t want to visit or to be a part of Claudia’s life. The social worker also tried several times without any success to find Claudia’s mother and encourage her to come visit Claudia. Our social work team are a tenacious bunch and  haven’t given up hope of reuniting this little girl with her family so  late last summer after a great deal of effort and persuasion on the part of her social worker  and therapist, Claudia was visited for the first time by her mum. Her mother has since called regularly and talked to Claudia and last month her grandmother, mother and brother came for the first time as a family to visit Claudia. For this little girl “hope spring eternal” and perhaps one day she will find the family and home she deserves.


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