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Children in Distress- giving thanks for 20 years of TLC

 The TLC Tree bearing fruit

TLC Bears Fruit

Celebrating Christmas traditions is something that the good people of Keyworth,     Nottingham mastered many years ago but for the last three years the Keyworth Methodist Church has “branched out” so to speak with their very successful Christmas Tree Festival.


Geoff and Trish Witcomb, the charity’s local “ambassadors” have always participated in this community event, decorating a tree, each year and trying and think of something different but relevant to the work of Children in Distress. This year’s contribution was a “TLC” Tree which also gave them and the Charity opportunity to thank the wonderful people who donate so many items, especially a host of  local knitters. Trish also added a little text of thanks for display under the tree.


Many thanks to all the wonderful knitters of Keyworth- and special thanks to: -


Ellen Groves, the knitter of lovely teddies;

Lindsay Wainwright, for beautifully embroidered labels; and everyone in the Keyworth community who has contributed so much over 20 years to the work of Children in Distress.


If you would like to help and support Children in Distress in offering help, hope and hospice care, or would like to contact Geoff and Trish, to foster their work in the Keyworth area, please contact 0141 559 5690 for further information


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