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Florin’s getting along swimmingly

Since Florin’s class “graduation” he has just never stops showing how quickly he can learn. We once had to be very persuasive to get him to take his afternoon nap, and sometimes even to do his homework; yet he has recently just astounded every involved, after his maternal assistant decided to enroll Florin in a summer swimming course. The doctor decided that it would be good for him and Florin’s medical condition might be improved by learning to swim.


We were all concerned that he might just refuse to listen to the swimming coach or given his medical conditions they might not include him.  Fortunately one swimming coach agreed to work with him; Nicolae Ivan had previously had  children with similar conditions  on his courses and they all proved to be very good swimmers.


Last week, Florin took to swimming like a duck to water   and over the next two weeks he will be the in the pool almost every day, he loves it and is determined to became a good swimmer.  Each day after the lesson, Florin runs though the gate and hardly draws breath in telling everyone about what he has done.  He certainly basks in all the attention from his coach. He easily integrates into his new swimming group and has started to make a host of new friends.


Everyone at St Margaret’s is pleased to see Florin swimming, having fun, chatting with new found friends, who don’t have severe medical problems; but perhaps more important, like children the world over they  have instantly accepted Florin, which seems wonderful since his life had been littered with rejections  until his coach  registered him on  the  swimming course.


Florin’s contagious laugh sounds throughout every swimming session, it’s like a breath of fresh air and helps his carers maintain their faith in the Children in Distress mission to give every child the chance to be the best they can be.


If you would like to know more or to help Florin by sponsoring his care please contact Valentina Zaharia at

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