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Come what may, strong bonds and lasting memories

Friends who are there for one another 

Violeta joined the care team at St Cristofer’s hospice as a nurse In April 1999. Once adapted to its care regime she impressed everyone by her never-ending enthusiasm, love and care lavished on the children in its little extended if unconventional family. She still enjoys spending time with her ‘little ones,’ communicating with them and is very hands-on and proactive, when involved in their treatment, care and entertainment.

Shortly after she joined, a three months old boy with atrioventricular hydrocephaly was admitted. Young Madalin, was a happy and quiet lad but had specific emotional needs, he longed for attention, caresses, and to be carried around, talked to, soothed with lullabies and patiently taught how to feed. Violeta was there for him from the beginning, acting as a surrogate Mum, so a strong bond has developed between them. To help him feel cherished and protected, in a safe and secure environment, Violeta asked if she could take him home for a few of days to enjoy the warmth of normal family life. Everyone was delighted by her proposal and Violeta gradually set a schedule for taking him home, caring for his medical needs at the centre, and as result Madalin has thrived and prospered.

In 2003, Madalin, relocated to Saint Andrew’s Centre for Children together with his friend, Violeta. Their friendship continued as a dedicated Violeta commuted from Curtea de Arges to Pitesti to be close to the children she loved and cared for, happily ignoring the long road and hours spent in traffic. The years have flown by and the kids have grown, their needs become more complex and in Madalin’s case, he has grown taller, gained weight and the hydrocephalus necessitated surgical intervention in specialist centre in Cluj. Violeta loyal as ever was first to volunteer to join the group of nurses who accompanied Madalin to ensure all of his needs were cared for,

Madalin recently celebrated a milestones birthday and at 18 years of age as become an adult, which has brought new challenges, as a legal guardian must be identified among his family, relatives or friends. The centre’s social workers have  already contacted his relatives but, unfortunately, this is a long and difficult road and it will take some time until all legal matters are settled. Sadly, none of his birth family wish to become his  legal guardian, but fortunately  Madalin still has Violeta, a dedicated ‘friend’ whom has spent a lifetime  with Madalin, celebrated  birthdays, slept near him during his hospital stay, taken care of his daily needs and never abandoned him.   


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