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The 'children' are growing up so fast!

David with their \'joint\' birthday cake 

Time simply flies at Saint Margaret’s and the staff have organised yet another birthday party, this time  for two of the teenage residents one 'old' and one 'new.' David who has been with us for five years has  turned  eighteen  and Ana Maria, the newest member of our family of care, against all expectations is now a seventeen year-old young lady.

The fun started bright and early in the morning by getting the room ready for a happy group of children, those children, who could, each took on a role in the process. Everyone, making sure that in the end, the birthday boy and girl had an incredible time and will remember their moment. After everything was ready, balloons in place and music playing softly in the background, David and Ana Maria joined the party where their fellow residents patiently waited with some surprise guests. Florin and Rafi having re-joined their band of brothers and sisters for the fun and celebration and were soon surrounded with hugs and kisses, so they would not forget how it feels to be a part of our little family. For a couple of hours, it seemed as if they never left, as the staff and children somehow seemed complete and in the company of this dynamic duo. Rafi and Florin were so excited to learn what everyone has been doing since they last visited. They each remembered the names of much loved carers, easily made friends with the newest members of the family and clearly enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Both gave Darius, their old chum and best friend a hug and sat with him each quietly sharing their wish to come to visit their friends and companions more often. As it happens, the dynamic duo also knew Ana Maria as a former fellow resident of their current care centre.

It was clear that David and Ana Maria were pleased to have such a warm welcome and to have their CID family sing, “happy birthday” For the staff there were moment of shared magic with laughter and joy. In the company of friends.

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