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Celebrating Adelina’s Birthday

Adelina havig  fun at he rparty 

In Romania, it never rains but it pours but recently the rain was so heavy, the St Andrew’s team thought some inflatable boats might be in order, not to mention some thigh-high welly boots. However, the sun eventually came up and invited the children and staff outside for R&R.

Despite the rain, the children and staff of St. Andrew’s celebrated another milestone in Adelina’s life with little birthday party. A chocolate cake and delicious cookies, fruit juice and a special celebratory menu were ordered, music was put on and the residents played games, explored toys, pushed buttons, clapped hands and made some noise for the birthday girl. Adelina received presents prepared in advance by the team who enjoys surprising the children and helping them feel cherished on birthdays and the other important celebrations throughout the year. This year’s present included a musical game, which is her favourite activity, new pyjamas for the warm summer nights and a plush toy to keep her company in the dark. She was delighted to discover each item and happy to be in everyone’s attention for a few pleasant hours. She gets quite relaxed when familiar faces are around, when children play beside her and when our team of specialists shower her with warm embraces and kisses.

Sadly, Adelina’s  family no longer visit her, despite our social workers’ constant efforts made towards reconnecting with her Mum or grandparents but Her St Andrew’s family  made sure to be enough of a family for her, help her make progress, within the scope of her diagnosis, enjoy key moments in her life and create beautiful memories. Happy Birthday! We were honoured to be able to organise this party and we hope to enjoy many more in the future.

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