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Celebrating some wonderful people in our lives

Nurse Cristina, based at St Margaret’s recently shared

During the last couple of weeks CID RO has seen a number of fantastic  events  supported by local volunteers  who care, each  event  proving  that seemingly impossible things can be made possible  through the hearts and minds of those who care, the  results are always positive and can lead to significant  change for the better.

Recently a number of dedicated volunteers who love outdoors sports, wanted to demonstrate that their support for CID’s cause and the children in its care by exercising in the most pleasant way. They took time from their busy and demanding day jobs or devoted some  precious leisure time to support the children at St Margaret’s and CID’s other projects by helping transform their lives by  enriching their experience.

Their focus was the Chalenge4life campaign, an event that took place over two days in Bucharest involving both male and female volleyball games. Therefore, Volleyball a much-loved sport brought a much-needed donation to the charity. Everyone at CID RO are exceptionally grateful to those volunteers who took part in this exceptional Chalenge4life, life-enhancing event.

The other life-enhancing event was organised by Mirela Retegan, with the help and support of Romania’s ever popular children’s favourite “Zurli Band,” at the Stirbey Palace in Buftea, just outside Bucharest.  “Zurlandia” brought together parents and children, who understand that there are many children facing challenges or disadvantages who desperately need their care, love and support. A stall stocked with beautifully hand-made blankets, dolls, all carefully crafted with love and dedication flew off the shelves, and CID RO raised a substantial sum, which will be used to make CID Ro’s children’s lives just that little bit a brighter. The CID team would like to thank the dedicated handcrafters that worked so hard on the donated blankets and knitted toys. They thanks the generous participant, who purchased so much on the day and we certainly hope that the beautifully crafted blankets they bought will keep them warm during the long cold winter nights. Finally, they hope that the beautiful toys purchased on the day will soon become their child’s best friend!

Last but not least, the CID team  invite  the readers of web news  the participants, to get to know a little more of our mission and to understand CID’s background story  by learning a little more of the children’s challenges and needs. Understand where, when and how we can help  by offering  some of our precious personal time put  to good use, will help  children live, flourish and blossom as individuals. It is good to remember   that little things, offered from the heart to children who need them most, will always change lives!

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