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St Cristofer’s visiting the Oprea family bringing the comfort of much-needed basics to make life just a little easier.

The Oprea Children with thier new bed lined and duvet 


If for some children, the 1st of June, European Children’s Day, is a happy day with a focus on play, presents and quality time spent with the parents, but sadly for Roxana, Ionut and their older brother, it was not so. In an odd way, it still was a ‘special’ day as their Mum had found in their village, a little casual work for all the family. The brothers chopped wood for next winter, while Roxana and her mum carried and piled it in their neighbour’s shed. Their Mum has found it hard to get fulltime work, as she only attended elementary school as that was all her family could afford, so she had to get job. So these days getting a regular job is a daunting task. Sadly, her husband passed away recently, and she has little or no help or support from his extended family. It seems that whilst living, her husband had been a bit of troublemaker, in reality at best he ignored or neglected his family.

In previous conversations, Mum has shared that although things were difficult she was willing to do anything to see her kids through school to graduation and have a better chance in life than she ever had.   The St Cristofer’s team decided to visit the Opreas to see how they could help.  After a long journey, they arrived in their home village in the late afternoon, just as the family were returning home after a hard day’s work. The kids welcomed everyone with shy smiles and although almost shattered and ready to sleep their welcome was warm.  The family had no idea of the reason for the visit, but they were happy to see them and to see that their little family still has friends willing to lend a helping hand.

Huddled round around the family table, the team shared a few practical gifts to make the family’s life just a little bit easier, including some new bed linen and a duvet to replace the old ones; these although tired and worn was spotlessly clean.  There were also some treats for the kids. You would think the kid’s first thoughts would be the sweets, but not a bit of it, for they took the duvet and bed sheets, and immediately remade the bed, sniffing and favouring the freshness of the sheets and looking adoringly at them. Their bed was remade in a trice, and immediately seemed more comfortable and inviting. After a long hard day at work a proper bed can help, you rest and forget about life’s challenges. As they left, the team were delighted to see the evening had transformed for this little family, from a sad and silent vigil to a cheerful and happy time, where kids tasted their favourite sweets, and adult gratefully considered how to manage the future.


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