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Celebrating an 18 year milestone with Florin

Florin surounded by those he loves 

It may be difficult to believe, but the team at St Margaret’s, recently had the pleasure of celebrating eighteen years of joys, challenges, the odd moments of difficulty and concern and above all the privilege  of watching a fine young man grow up.  Although Florin is no longer resident in CID’s care, in many ways St Margaret’s is still the only place he likes to call home, primarily as result of  his many happy memories of life surrounded by his  extended CID family of care.

It was decided to celebrate this milestone event in Florin’s life, with two special cakes, presents, balloons, music and lots of fun, and most of all, with the lashings of love. Florin being back with Valentina Zaharia for the first time since their last emotional reunion was such a touching and soul warming event to see. Florin was delighted to see everyone and thrilled with his surprise party, especially as he had the chance to spend a lovely afternoon in Darius, Cristina and Nicoleta, his oldest chums. He received many beautiful presents, as tokens of appreciation, love and the affection in which friends and supporters hold him. He took time in opening each of them, readily showing his gratitude and a sense of pride at not being forgotten. The fact that Rafael joined this intimate little party was a special moment, as Florin and Rafael have been inseparable pals for so many years. Rafael now has a new life, in a local centre for the deaf, but was more than happy, to join the fun celebrating his best friend’s important birthday.  

Florin’s birthday party made the CID Ro team aware of how fast time flies and of the importance of their work some ‘exceptional’ children. By way of thanks for his presents and for the host of positive thoughts and best wishes he had received, Florin took the time to read a story to the younger residents, just as he often did when living in St Margaret’s.

All of us, friends and supporters alike at CID, send Florin our congratulations, on becoming so accomplished a young man and for confidently stepping out on his life journey to adulthood. All of us feel proud of we have helped you become. Happy birthday and many happy returns!


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