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Bringing Adelin the joy of giving at Easter

Adelin trying on a new outfit 

As Easter week approaches, Romanians like to buy new clothes in which to attend Easter services and to receive the blessings of the ‘Service of Light’ feeling clean refreshed and ready to participate in Easter, in a state of enlightenment and grace. Adelin is one of the kids who enrolled in the education and welfare programme at St Cristopher’s. His friends and their parents went shopping for new clothes but sadly, he could not do so as the family’s very limited budget only allows for basic needs and does not stretch to luxuries like new clothes at Easter. Adelin is a very likeable, responsible lad, who acts well beyond his years and his schoolmates and project peers would say that he rarely smiles or laughs. That doesn’t mean that Adelin is a shy or withdrawn, it simply means that whenever he experiences life's challenges he had little to laugh about and is unwilling to burden friends with his problems.

Recently his little sister was diagnosed with autism,she now  needs constant supervision, so for him spending time with her is crucially important, especially when his Mum is busy with housework.  Adelin’s Mum is often hard pressed working between cleaning and cooking for the family, taking care of the kids and often forgets about her own needs and feelings. He sometimes is a bit down that he can’t do more to help his Mum, and much as he would like he can’t perform a miracle so that his sister can laugh and enjoy life, and play just like the other kids. If he could, perhaps then he would feel like laughing. Adelin also often reflects on the challenges his hardworking father faces, with early rises and a long working day of hard physical labour all to provide for the family’s needs and to fund the essential therapy his daughter condition now demands.

One of the partner charities in the Children in Distress Charity Alliance, Help Hope & Hospice Association recently brought a ray of light to this child’s life, when Adelin was invited on a personal shopping expedition, just in time for Easter. He went to several shops and was asked to select what he wanted but seemed reluctant to do so. When asked what was wrong, Adelin  confessed that he would prefer  to choose a new pair of ‘princess’ shoes for his little sister rather than buying anything for himself. The HHH and St Christopher's  co-ordinators  were much  moved by this young man’s kindness, and promised to help him find the best and most beautiful pair of ‘princess’ shoes in the store. Later they left the shop with a number of carrier bags including one with the promised shoes. Adelin was wreathed in smiles, which was the best gift the team could ever hope to receive. Genuine smiles are CiD’s best rewards and we would like to see all children in need of a little help similarly smiling blissfully unaware of life’s challenges.

Later that evening the HHH team received a phone call, which shared that Adelin’s sister would not sleep without her ‘new’ shoes and that these were the best present she had ever received. 




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