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Reflecting on the New Year ahead

Thinking of the year ahead 

It is human nature, whither adult or child, to hope that the New Year will be better and more abundant than the last, brimming with new opportunities, challenges, friends and a little prosperity. For children born with disabilities these can be difficult to achieve. However, however that doesn’t stop them hoping that someone, somewhere, will hear their plea.

It is no different for, Andrei, Cristina, Darius, Nicolet or Rebeca and their fellow residents for they are happy that finally they have found a warm and welcoming “home”. Perhaps for most the only home they have ever known.

When asked their wishes, are few. Being young, the year ahead seems a long, long time, which needs be filled with work and play? They hope that spring, will bring long and frequent outings, play sessions in the courtyard, and the chance to stroke Mica the petting cat. Sadly, Mica is not that fond of being petted and there is Negrita who just barks too much. Some have nursery or school to fill their day, with classes, therapy, dance and music, and in the evening, before bedtime, the chance to watch cartoons before falling asleep usually in moments. Summer sun brings vacation hours spent playing in the pool, as well as hours spent arguing with his or her “Mamas” that although it is lunchtime nobody is ready to leave the pool.

Autumn with its ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’ normally means  rain and windy days, fewer walks around the park and less time spent in the yard and the search for new things to do inside  until the weather improves. Winter, on the other hand, brings its own magic. The huge tree to be dressed tree for the day care ward, Santa coming and the arrival of carols singers. The unwrapping of presents, the big-hearted visitors who arrive to spend time with the children. The learning to sing carols accompanied by Alin, a new friend who plays the guitar.

At this bright start of the New Year, the real wish of the children is that this year will be at least as good as that which has passed. Most importantly, they understand that, no care, no fun, no joy no future would be possible without the supporters and volunteers who make their life at St Margaret is possible.  You, the good and warm-hearted souls, who may have little but who share so much. “It is because of you we have a place we can call home!”

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