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Another milestone on Claudia’s journey to adulthood

Celebrating your birthday can be so much fun 

The last week in October is especially important to young Claudia; for it brings the birthday celebrations, she has been anticipating since the summer. These days, children seem to be in such a rush to grow up, to prove they are the best at what they do, and to get their first job.  Whilst we would like to retain those few precious innocent moments of childhood, which can be so important in later life. Alas, Claudia was no exception, so the team at St Andrew’s, the only real family she has ever known, got ready to celebrate by throwing a surprise party in her honour.

She was given  a wonderful present, a beautiful jumper that was so taken with, that she decided to not take off, that’s just how much she likes it. There was a special cake, very much to her liking, a delicious concoction that was ceremonially brought in the room, while everyone clapped and cheered. Claudia gather her breath, and blew out the candles whilst making a secret wish, which we all felt was certainly for something concerning her future.

All of us at CID would like to wish Claudia “a belated happy birthday” and we hope that this celebration will be one to be treasured and remembered. 

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