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Darius setting in at Home

All ready for winter 

Little Darius Tudor was a frail three-month-old baby, battling to overcome complex cardiac and renal malformation and congenital spinal problems when he first arrived at St Andrews. He found it difficult feed and was highly dependent on life giving oxygen. Although greatly loved by his parents the complication he endured meant he was cared for by series of Intensive care Paediatric Hospital Units before settling in with the kids at St Andrew’s.

Darius has come a long way during his stay at St Andrew’s and although firmly “everyone’s favourite baby boy” it was felt only right that he should be at home with his parents. Darius’s care team, have done everything in their power to ensure that his homecoming was seamless and Darius appears to have settled in exceptionally well.

In the first week in October, the St. Andrew’s visitor team delivered another incredibly considerate gift. For sponsors, Brian and Avril Bellwood, who always have Darius at heart, sent him several essential  items, including  a striking blue winter onesie, to help him get ready for the cold season, Pampers, a toy car and a soft ball to help his sensory therapy. Darius was delighted to be the recipient of such a thoughtful gesture and much to everyone’s surprise the toy car immediately caught his eye. Darius’s parents are incredibly moved by the kindness they and their son has been shown and thank everyone, especially their child’s supporters and sent their best wishes and thoughts. 

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