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Another fantastic surprise for Alexandru

Alexandru basking in lamplight 

Alexandru, a former CID beneficiaries and now member of the Charity’s extended family of care, recently received another wonderful surprise from Peter Jenkins one of Alexandru’s sponsors and supporters.On a recent visit, Alexandru greeted CIDRo’s members of social team with open arms, after having back from school, full where he pins his hoped and dreams of a better future on his effort and hard work. 

This time Alexandru received a present that will both beautify and brighten his room and to an extent help with his homework, his new  angle poise  lamp will also help when he playing  games with friends . He was a bit excited and overwhelmed; as he helped, the social team assemble the lamp and then checked that it was working properly. He then proudly showed his new accessory to his roommate and the centre on call teacher.  Health wise, Alexandru is feeling better having become accustomed to his thrice-weekly dialysis sessions. He confided that he could tolerate them better now which gave his visitors a little ray of hope.

Alexandru again specifically asked that CID Web news and Vision thank his sponsors and supporters for all their help and thinking of him and for sending a very much-needed gift that makes life just that little bit easier.  

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