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Red Nose Day in Bucharest

Florin joins in Red Nose Day Antics

Florin joins in Red Nose Day Antics


The children of St Margaret's Hospice know all about Red Nose Day and Comic Relief, and the wonderful work that has been achieved by this UK fundraising event because last year they were all given Red Noses to be part of the fun.

Started Early With a Party

This year the Red Nose Day celebrations got off the mark rather early in Bucharest and our kids have had a party where everyone was allowed to come along, sing a song, dance or just say their party piece. It was a wonderful event and whatever money is raised will be sent to swell the coffers.

As ever, Florin hogged the microphone and held the floor with his Sing-Along-Sam impression.

Children Helping Children

This is another great example of children who have little but are helping those worse off than themselves and having lots of fun in the process

Everyone Have Great Red Nose Day - Do something funny for money!

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