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Leaving a legacy

Event Date : 01/01/2017
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There are number of reasons why you may consider leaving a legacy to Children in Distress.

  • When making your will you don't have to make the difficult choice between family and helping CID UK care for Europe's forgotten children. You can remember both, offering security to your family and continuing your support for an excellent cause.
  • Leaving a legacy is your way of extending your previous support. By remembering CID UK's mission in your will, you offer the chance of life, love and care, to those who otherwise have none and leave that memory and legacy to the future family of those involved.
  • In the daily challenge for funding a legacy gift left in a will means infinitely more to a small charity and allows us to offer just a little bit more to the children in our care.
  • £1000 will mean that a child with hydrocephalus has a much needed operation, without which their short life will end in misery and pain.
  • £2000 will mean that we can train two nurses in paediatric palliative care and supply them with all the equipment they need to help a child for whom there is little or no hope die with dignity.
  • £4500 will provide all the rehabilitation and therapy equipment required to expand physiotherapy in our Child Development & Therapies Centre and offer less-abled children the chance to walk, communicate, dress and feed themselves, offering them independence and the chance to be the very best that they can be.
  • £6000 will fully fund our Street and Roma children's education programmes for a year, ensuring that children have the chance to go to High School and are saved from a life of violence physical and sexual abuse or a life on the street. Your donation will give future generations the chance to have through education and job opportunities a life we take for granted.
  • Your charitable legacy donation will be free of Inheritance Tax (IHT). Perhaps the best way to remember and contribute to our work is to leave a proportion of your estate above the inheritance tax threshold to CID UK and therefore avoid paying IHT. We can offer further information.

Different types of legacy

The main ways you can leave a gift in your will are:

  • A share or percentage of your whole estate (a residuary legacy). This type of gift in you will means that however much your personal financial circumstances change , the proportion of your estate that each person receives will stay the same. Usually this is shown as a percentage of what is left of your estate- once all the expenses, debts and specific gifts have been taken out. This is the best possible gift that you could give to Children in Distress.
  • A fixed amounts of money ( a pecuniary legacy)
  • A specific gift/bequest, such as a house or shares or land or personal possessions or jewellery.
  • A Contingent gift - these are gifts, which are dependent on certain event happening at a fixed or uncertain date. An example is a bequest to CIDUK which applies only if other beneficiaries named in the will die before the testator (the person who made the will).

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